Wing Deflectors Fairing Mount Dark Smoke National Cycle N5107


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  • Wing Deflectors allow maximum temperature control of airflow toward or away from the rider
  • Fully road worthy – once adjusted they stay in place, even at highway speeds
  • Unique Swivel Ratchets allow each Deflector to be incrementally adjusted for personalized temperature control
  • Completely adjustable by hand – no tools required!
  • Strong, one-piece chromed steel brackets will not move out of adjustment
  • Made from extra tough hardcoated polycarbonate for outstanding impact strength
  • Easy installation – mounts to the two threaded inserts provided by Honda under each fairing strip
  • Special drill bit and template provided with the product makes drilling the side strips easy and accurate
  • All stainless steel fasteners
  • Comes with National Cycle’s exclusive 3-Year Warranty against breakage!

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