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If You’Re Looking For The Best Solution To Carry Your Bow, Gun Or Tools On Your Polaris Atv Or Utv Then The Polaris Flexgrip™ Pro Is The Rack You Need! The Specialized Mounting Blocks Gives You The Ability To Adjust Offset And Adjust The Rack In 4 Different Directions While The Patent Pending Design Gives You A Rock Solid Mount That Is Mounted Without Tools!!! The Mounting Base Indexes Into The Polaris Lock-N-Ride Holes And Comes With Both Utv & Atv Sizes. It Features 15% Larger Forks For Extended Carrying Capabilities, 360 Degrees Of Rotation And Amazing Width Adjustment Or Offset Adjustment For The Perfect Fit Every Time. All Rack Adjustments Can Be Made In The Field Without Tools. The Forks Feature Variable Fit Technology (Vft) That Adapts To Provide A Custom Fit For Guns, Guns In A Soft Case, Bows, Shovels And Much, Much More! The Specialized Bow Limb Slot Keeps Bows Stable And Is Compatible With Modern Parallel Limb Designs. Air Tek Suspension Isolates Shock And Vibration To Protect Your Gear While On The Trails. Available In Single And Doubles Mpn#: Pffg1. Brand: Atv Tek. Tags:

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