Tps Tire Sealant 5Gal Ride-On 70640

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  • Ride-On Tps (Tire Protection System) Is A Tire Balancer And Sealant Compound For Tube Or Tubeless Tires That Evenly Coats The Inner Surface Of Your Tires
  • Eliminates The Need For Wheel Weights, Specially Formulated To Hydro-Dynamically Balance High Speed Tires, Dampen Road Noise And Vibrations That Cause A Rough Ride
  • If The Tire Is Punctured In The Contact Patch, The Centrifugal Force Of The Rotating Tire And The Internal Air Pressure Force Ride-On Into The Hole, Sealing It Instantly
  • Ride-On Is A Green Biodegradable Product That Is Designed To Be Non-Hazardous And Non-Flammable, And Contains Corrosion Inhibitors That Protect All Alloys Of Steel, Aluminum, Magnesium And Yellow Metals Against Oxidation
  • Ride-On Tps Will Act As A Balancer And Will Result In Erroneous Readings From A Dynamic Spin Balancer
  • Important Note:After Installing Ride-On Tps Motorcycle Formula Sealant Into The Tires, A Slight Vibration May Be Noticed Until The Sealant Has Warmed Up And Distributed Evenly In The Tires. This Process Usually Takes 2 To 5 Miles. Do Not Attempt To Rebala
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