Sas-Tec Velcro Armor Level 2 Elbow/Knee Scorpion Exo 9105-03V Pr Sc1/05


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  • Viscoelastic Memory Foam: After An Impact Or Deformation Of The Foam, The Protector Will Quickly Revert To Its Original Shape
  • Multiple Impact Compliance: Even If The Same Area Of The Protector Receives Repeated Impacts, The Protector Maintains If Fully Functional Capability
  • Adaptive Absorption: The Air Within The Cells Of The Protector Allow Progressive Absorption Of Energy As The Material Becomes More Firm As It Compresses
  • Climate Stability: Sas-Tec Visoelastic Foam Does Not Break Down Under High Temperatures And Can Withstand Up To 212 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Environmentally Conscience: Partially Made Of Recyclable Materials
Mpn#: 9105-03V Pr Sc1/05. Brand: Scorpion Exo. Tags:

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