Defender Wearbar Pol Polaris S/M Sp1 Wb-000-296

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  • 7/16" Carbon Steel Host Bar, With A Flat Top To Prevent "Bar Roll" During Aggressive Cornering
  • Carbides Are Made Of Yg13 Tungsten That Provides The Ultimate Tensile Strength For Extreme Durability And Hardness To Reduce Chipping And Increase Longevity "
  • The 90 Degree Angle Of Carbide Into The Pocket Of Our Runners Makes For Very Large Cross Sections Compared To Other Designs"
  • 1" Carbide Segments Allow For Flex In Ski Without Compromising Carbide Adhesion
  • Engineered And Test Fitted To Precisely Fit Your Ski For Easy Install
  • Chamfered Ends To Reduce Catching When Backing Up And Unloading
  • Extended Studs To Allow For Ski Skins
  • All Necessary Fastening Nyloc Nuts Included
  • All Carbides And Wearbars Are Finished In Black Rust Preventative
  • Features Hardweld On Contact Area Of Host Bar, Giving It More Depth To Increase Longevity
  • Less Damaging To Concrete And Asphalt Surfaces
Mpn#: Wb-000-296. Brand: Sp1. Tags: Make_Polaris

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