Oiling System Race Series Feuling 7075

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Feuling® Oiling System Kits Combine All The Needed Components To Finish Your T/C® Engines Oiling System Under 1 Part #. Feuling® Oiling System Kits Increase Oil Pressure, Oil Volume, Engine Oil Flow And Return Oil Scavenging, Eliminating Wet Sumping And Oily Air Cleaners. Test Results Show 25-35 Degree Cooler Engine Temperatures, 15-30 Degree Cooler Oil Temperatures, 15-30 More Pounds Of Oil Pressure And Quieter Smoother Engine Operation. Results Also Show A Substantial Increase Of Oil Pressure And 3 H.P. And 4 Ft. Lbs Of T.Q To The Rear Wheel. Mpn#: 7075. Brand: Feuling. Tags: Make_Harley-Davidson

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